How to Better Yourself: A 2-Minute Read

How to better yourself

Making public declarations increases a person’s likelihood of achieving their goal. Setting and achieving goals is how to better yourself. I am sharing this story openly with intention. We often find ourselves justifying or apologizing for our actions. It’s a sign that we recognize room for growth. I encourage you to read this post as motivation, as inspiration, and also to hold me accountable!

Major “Aha” Moment

Just this week, I had a major “aha” moment while listening to an audiobook called Smart Brevity by Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen, and Roy Schwartz. The core message struck a chord – everyone is bombarded with information these days!

The book showed me that it’s selfish of me to burden your day further by adding the task of reading my lengthy content, when I have the ability to share the information more concisely. When you choose to read my content, you are entrusting me with your time and attention. I vow to respect that trust because I feel honored to have it.

Two things I value are (1) efficiency and (2) personal growth. The core message of this book highlighted how I’m not upholding those values when I share content. This realization hit me like lightning.

The Time is Now

I’ve always known I’m a wordy writer, and I’ve often apologized for it. But no more apologies, no more justifications. I recognize this area for improvement, and I’m ready to tackle it head-on. This isn’t just about me; it’s about providing you with the best possible experience.

I believe in leading by example and practicing what I preach. This post isn’t packed with information. Instead, it’s a story of how I recognized an area for improvement in myself. The first step is always awareness. What do you notice as an area for improvement in yourself? There! You’re started the journey of how to better yourself. Now, just focus on trying and making no more apologies.

Follow me to hold me accountable (and for other concise guidance)! Change isn’t always easy, but effort and action pay off. I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Reach out if you want to chat.

Written by Krystle Hearley

Online Coach, Licensed Therapist, Woman, Human Being, Dreamer, Wife, Dog Mom, Optimist, Lover of Many Things, and So Much More than Any Label I’m Given

Krystle Hearley, Confidence & Dating Coach, Life Coach