Krystle Hearley – Confidence & Dating Coach, Licensed Therapist

Krystle is on a mission to empower single women in their pursuit of lasting love through cultivating healthy relationships with themselves and others. As a Coach, Speaker, Writer, and Licensed Psychotherapist, she aspires to inform, motivate, and support women on their transformative journey toward genuine lasting love. Krystle’s own dating experiences, coupled with her professional background in psychology and a profound loss in 2020, have ignited her passion for helping women experience deep unconditional love. Central to her approach in both work and life are the principles of compassion, perspective, and confidence. As a United States Marine Corps Veteran, she attributes her unwavering commitment to success to her military service.


years in the field of mental health


years of expertise in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)


years experience helping women achieve success in dating

My Story

Meet Krystle Hearley, a Confidence and Dating Coach whose work cultivates healthy relationships between people and with oneself. Krystle empowers single women to discover true love and never again settle for less.

In 2016, Krystle discovered true love, ending her decade-long struggle in the dating scene. Her dating experiences, combined with her background in psychology and a profound loss in 2020, ignited Krystle’s mission to help women experience genuine love in relationships and for themselves.

In 2012, while studying to become a Licensed Psychotherapist, Krystle sought therapy for herself, recognizing the potential for both personal and professional growth. Her therapist quickly identified challenging dynamics in Krystle’s mother-daughter relationship and revealed a recurring theme of relational difficulties with others.

Through dedicated work on the relationship with her mother, Krystle deepened their connection, as well as gained valuable insights that improved her relationships with friends, family, and love interests. She credits these insights as crucial in the success of her current marriage.

Just three weeks after Krystle and her husband’s wedding, her mother fell ill. For 15 months, the newlyweds cared for her mom until the day she passed away as Krystle held her hand.

The experience of caring for and losing her mother profoundly deepened Krystle’s understanding of love and relationships. Grief drained her energy, preventing her from any longer pretending in life and love. She stopped chasing things that didn’t enrich her life; discovered that self-love truly isn’t selfish; and witnessed her most authentic life emerging.

Through this journey, Krystle learned that love isn’t something to chase, and it isn’t mysterious. It’s not scarce, or conditional, or difficult. When love is present, it’s obvious and abundant. Everyone deserves this kind of love, and she’s on a mission to help women never again settle for less.

Accomplishments and Certificates

Many stages of life and education have brought me here. I am grateful to have the opportunity to help others learn and grow to be their best selves.

2016 • Licensed as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York State – Active license now
2014 • Master of Science in Education: Community Mental Health Counseling | The College of Saint Rose
2010 • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology | American Military University

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