Tired of Dating?

I know you’re ready to find your best friend.

Tired of Eating Alone Each Night?

It’s not only hard to cook one portion, but it’s lonely too.

Want Someone to Enjoy Life’s Moments With?

It’s like – your life is fine, but you just wish you had someone to share it with.

FREE! 12 Key Phrases to Ignite Communication, Quick & Easy!

We all hate conflict! And we all hate rejection! These fears often hold us back from speaking our truths. Communicating doesn't have to be so scary. The key to wasting less time, on someone who doesn't deserve you, is to start having conversations sooner. Holding in our truth leads to (1) walking on eggshells, (2) being fake, (3) a lack of fulfillment, (4) overthinking, (5) settling... the list goes on. These go-to phrases will make it easier to bring up any topic.

What you’ll get:

  • Phrases to start a conversation
  • Phrases to Keep you from backing down
  • Phrases to reset a conversation that is escalating

Krystle Hearley – Confidence & Dating Coach, Licensed Therapist

Krystle is on a mission to empower single women in their pursuit of lasting love through cultivating healthy relationships with themselves and others. As a Coach, Speaker, Writer, and Licensed Psychotherapist, she aspires to inform, motivate, and support women on their transformative journey toward genuine lasting love. Krystle’s own dating experiences, coupled with her professional background in psychology and a profound loss in 2020, have ignited her passion for helping women experience deep unconditional love. Central to her approach in both work and life are the principles of compassion, perspective, and confidence. As a United States Marine Corps Veteran, she attributes her unwavering commitment to success to her military service.

What I Offer

Coaching Packages

A variety of options to best suit your needs and schedule. From on-demand support as you need it up to an intensive 90-day program.

Breakthrough Package

3 hours together to work on habits and mindset 1:1 or in the environment of a date, with follow-up

Speak at Your Event

Learn about Krystle’s areas of expertise, style, and how she can support your next event.

What clients say…

I love what I do and am honored to have helped people!

How I Can Help.

Here are some of the most common ways I can help.


Self-exploration will take you on a journey of discovering your true individual self. It results in confident, intentional decision-making. Discovering the ins and outs of whom you allow you to create your life on your terms. Exploration focuses on strengths, weaknesses, patterns, values, beliefs, character traits, personality traits, etc. Increased self-understanding leads to improved self-esteem, communication, and relationships.

Achieving Goals

Working together, you will create SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) for both the short-term and long-term. Then, we will analyze these goals and create a comprehensive Action Plan to accomplish them. Goal setting is essential because it gives you a target to focus on. In addition, clarity and specificity fuel motivation.

Confidence Building

Confidence building will be a result of our work together. I already know that you are capable. However, sometimes a lack of confidence comes from messages we received in childhood; previous experiences that didn’t go as hoped; excessive pressures; problematic mindsets; etc. Together, we will build your sense of self and release the thoughts/behaviors holding you back.

Stop People Pleasing

People pleasing is a choice. It is rooted in the beliefs we hold. It becomes a learned way of behaving. Considering other people’s needs and desires more than our own fuels resentment, low self-esteem, and burnout. People pleasing and being nice are NOT the same thing. Together, we will untangle beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Communication Skills

Improving communication skills will deepen relationships and lead to fewer conflicts and misunderstandings. Effective communication skills help people articulate themselves better, listen better, react less, and build trust.

Stress/Anxiety Management

Not only does managing daily stressors and anxieties improve the quality of your day; but it also is shown to prevent/help manage various chronic medical conditions. We live in a world that demands time and energy excessively. Stress and anxiety management tools allow a person to feel less frustration and worry over life’s many expectations and needs.

Thought Work

Thought work has been described as the most critical work you can ever do. Statistics show that we have upwards of 70,000 thoughts per day. Gaining awareness of our thoughts leads to increased control over them and increased power to shift them. Tackling limiting beliefs will break the glass ceiling of what you think, believe, and achieve.

Work-Life Balance

Believing in balance is different from behaving in balance. Behaving in balance requires a deeper look into a person’s lifestyle and everyday choices. With so much to do and be responsible for in modern-day life, achieving balance requires skill and determination before it becomes a natural way of living.

Support and Accountability

A person is naturally more vulnerable when going through a growth or change process. What has been dependable and predictable is now changing. Having someone there to check in with and keep you accountable is proven to increase success rates. Going through any change can be scary, even positive change. Support can help you remember why you are doing this.

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